Debian Linux – Adding User to Sudoers File

Hi Everyone, After I installed a fresh install of Debian 6.0.3 amd64 from DVD, it was a smooth install. Then I went to update my system and download the updates.
I went to use sudo command as you do. Well I tried and it said my userid was not in the sudoers file, so I searched and found how to correct this and add my userid to the sudoers file.

User is not in the sudoers file. How to add the user to the sudoers file?

All you need to do is add the following line to the sudoers file in /etc/sudoers
user_name   ALL=(ALL) ALL
Replace user_name with your own user ID

Follow the below instructions:
open a new terminal, switch to root, type “su”
then enter the root password,
type “gedit /etc/sudoers” and you will see the sudoers file opened for editing in the file look for the following line.

You can also enter the command in one line and enter your root password when asked.
In the terminal window copy & paste this line without the Quotation Marks. “su gedit /etc/sudoers

user_name  ALL=(ALL) ALL
Again, Make sure you replace user_name with your own user ID

SAVE the file and then exit & try your command you were trying to use before and voila!


This works for all Debian Linux versions from 6.0 onwards, it would be nice if this was automatically done when creating a user. Perhaps more feedback to Debian about this little issue.

‘was much more than just a pie’

I agree with this article 100% in the face of it, appears some people are told to get over it. Much like myself who is a gay man that suffers from anxiety & depression disorder. Try telling someone that just broke their arm to get over it!  You’ll be the one with a broken arm & then you’ll have to get over that!

How to … Set “Google Chrome” as my default web browser in Windows 10!

Ok folks, so here I am trying to set Google Chrome, as my default web browser for Windows 10.

However Windows 10 wants you to go through Settings… Default apps… Web Browser

When you Select Google Chrome and then restart Google Chrome it is not the default web browser.

You will need to use this method to correct the issue.

  • Go to Control Panel…;
  • All Control Panel Items…;
  • Default Programs…;
  • Select your default program…;
  • In the list on the left select Google Chrome…;
  • Then in the Blue Text Select Set this program as default…; and
  • Then click ok and you’re done!

Ingress by Niantic

So I have been playing Ingress by Niantic, from the makers of Pokemon Go!
Well for some bizarre yet strangely odd reason, I received the following email:


Your account has been terminated for violations of the Ingress Terms of Service, including the section on Conduct, General Prohibitions, and Niantic’s Enforcement Rights. This includes, but is not limited to, falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Ingress clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.

This message is being sent from an unmonitored email inbox. Please do not reply to this email.

I have done nothing wrong & I have not done anything to warrant this termination. I would like an explanation, as I was rather enjoying this app and getting to know people. But if this is how you treat new comers then by all means. You can have your app.
As far as I’m concerned Niantic have lost not only a player today, but by word of mouth they will lose more as, not having the decency to query any allegations and just to blanket terminate! is in my opinion BAD BUSINESS!
The only software I have used is the Official Ingress client from the Google Play Store. My Conduct has been above reproach, I have not abused or defamed anyone, nor have I done anything against your General Prohibitions. I have not falsified my location, I have on occasion travelled between Morwell Australia & Melbourne Australia. Whilst travelling I have also been playing Ingress. This would account for my location as I travel!
As for accessing Ingress clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software. Please explain how I have done this when I only have the Official Ingress client from Google Play Store?

PS3 External Drive …Connection

Hi folks,

Well… here i was today wondering why the heck my new 2TB Seagate external drive, would not register with my PS3. I Looked at everything, made sure the formatting was correct for FAT32 .

Yes that was fine and made sure my PS3 folders were on the driver MUSIC, PICTURES, VIDEO, GAMES.

Yes all done.

But I was still at a loss. It wasn’t until I hooked it up my Mac and discovered the drive was formatted in FAT32, however the file table was incorrect.

It was formatted as FAT32 GUID  Partition Map, It should have been in Master Boot Record.  Once this was changed and the drive reformatted. Everything worked like a charm.