Idiot Gamers on WoW…

Idiot Gamers on WoW, who think a server a reset constitutes more time to farm more Valor points.
Get this through your thick heads! A server reset is a “Maintenance Issue” nothing do with Valor caps.
If you happen to cap your valor then suck it up!

World of Warcraft – PvP

I have to say as someone who is just starting out in PvP. I am throughly disgusted, by the actions and language of fellow players. If you have someoone who you can see is a new level 90 and has low HP approx 300K. Don’t just call them n00b and tell them to fuck off.

How about giving some positive feedback. You may be a die hard, “hardcore” PvP proponent. But you need to remember one thing sunshine. You too once upon a time, were a n00b yourself.

So perhaps stop with the name calling and the drivvle coming out your mouths. I’m surprised you even talk to your mothers with those mouths. If I had done half what you so called PvP “hardcore” n00bs were doing. I’d have my mouth washed out with soap.

It’s just a shame that if you  have chat tabs setup and you’re a in a PvP situation, you can’t even report the person for language. I mean some of this stuff that came out of their mouth, was just NOT fit for human consumption.

So I think fellow players such as Fezziwig-Darkspear, need to re-think their habits in game!

World of Warcraft – Account Security

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you play World of Warcraft, you NEED to have an Authenticator, attached to your account. If you don’t have one and you are in a Guild, you are not only putting yourself at risk of malicious attack, but also the Guild. I have no sympathy for people, who’s accounts get hacked, when having an Authenticator would of prevented this action from happening in the first place.

World of Warcraft – Battle Ground Tol Barad

Well… this morning I joined the queue to fight in the Battle Ground Tol Barad. When I was summoned to join the battle I accepted. When I got in the Battle Ground Tol Barad, there were only TWO from my faction HORDE. Meanwhile the other faction ALLIANCE, had another SEVEN people join in the battle. I find this totally irresponsible of BLIZZARD to have allowed the Battle Ground to commence without enough members from each faction. Meaning the outcome was not balanced and if I dare say. Cheating! There was not a fair fight and this should not have happened!

Now I have a lodged a support ticket to mention this as this is unfair against ALL players. The average wait time is 7 days 11 hours before I will get a reply. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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