Help Costa Rica stand against Corporate greed.


A subsidiary of Infinito Gold has announced that a massive $1 billion lawsuit against Costa Rica is “imminent”, because Costa Rica had the audacity to stand up against a toxic gold mine. If thousands of us stand together against this toxic mine, we can show Infinito that countries such as Costa Rica will not be silently bullied by corporate power.

Please join me in signing this petition:


Do not put your change in the red buckets this year! – The Salvation Army

Just a friendly reminder to not put your change in the red buckets this year!

“The Salvation Army doesn’t believe that gays and lesbians should ever know the intimacy of any loving relationship, instead teaching that ‘Christians whose sexual orientation is primarily or exclusively same-sex are called upon to embrace celibacy as a way of life.’” – (

“Salvation Army Major: LGBT People Should Be Put to Death” – (

“The Salvation Army openly says that ‘practicing homosexuals’ aren’t welcome in their organization and they have lobbyists in D.C. and abroad who work to prevent gay rights legislation from being enacted.” – (

“The Salvation Army does not only discriminate against gay and lesbian people, it also works politically against LGBT rights all over the world.” – (

 Spread the Word!

So while some of your nickels and pennies are going to hunger relief or “Christmas Assistance” just know that a large portion of your donation is going toward lobbying governments worldwide for anti-gay policies – including an attempt to make consensual gay sex illegal. (

Thanks for your time! Please inform your friends and family, to help signal boost this message!

Other ways you can help this Christmas season:

Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Habitat for Humanity

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Australia, Your Privacy At Risk!

The Australian Government is considering the most sweeping and radical changes to Australia’s surveillance and intelligence laws since the establishment of the original powers in 1979.

To Attorney-General Nicola Roxon,

Australians’ privacy and civil liberties should not be breached without cause or oversight. Forcing companies to track innocent Australians’ every move online, reducing the accountability
of ASIO officers and forcing Australians to hand over their data without cause does just that.

We call on the Government to ensure these proposed reforms outlined in the Attorney-General’s Department’s discussion paper do not become law.

Sign the Petition at the link below!

What is social engineering?

Online criminals can use sophisticated technology to try to gain access to your computer, or they can use something simpler and more insidious: social engineering.

Social engineering is a way for criminals to gain access to your computer. The purpose of social engineering is usually to secretly install spyware or other malicious software or to trick you into handing over your passwords or other sensitive financial or personal information.

Some online criminals find it easier to exploit human nature than to exploit holes in your software.


14 Steps to Avoiding Scams

Spot the Spam

Knowing how to avoid scams is a critical life skill. Fortunately, fourteen simple safety measures will help you dodge the risks – whether the scam comes via the phone, regular mail, an email, or somewhere online.

I found this linked from the Microsoft Site this appears to be a very valuable tool for first time internet users and professional internet users.

Spot the Spam

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