Facebook Messenger stickers in my Gallery?!

So… you’ve been seeing all these pictures appear in your gallery. You know you didn’t put them there, but they’re most likely Facebook Messenger stickers. Here’s a brief how to, so you can reclaim your gallery for personal photos and not Facebook Messenger stickers.



Facebook, Game Invites and App Notifications.

Game Invites and App Notifications
Don’t want to see these anymore? Then this is for you.

App notifications and game invitations are on. By disabling app notifications and game invitations you will no longer see app-related requests sent by your friends. This will not affect your ability to use apps or play games.

Go to your Facebook settings on your desktop and then go to Apps. Where it says ‘Apps, Websites and Plug-ins Lets you use apps, plug-ins, games and websites on Facebook and elsewhere. Enabled.’

Click the EDIT button and click Turn OFF.

That’s it you’re done and will no longer receive App notifications and game invitations.

Facebook Privacy … Upcoming Vote

It’s time to take a stand against Facebook. Facebook wants to make some rather drastic changes to the Privacy of our data. The new policy would ironically eliminate Facebook users’ right to vote on policy changes as well as shift policies relating to targeted advertising on the site. One of the proposed changes calls for users to give more information so that advertising can be more accurately targeted to them.

30% of Facebook’s billion member user base must vote for it to be binding. So far only 344558 have voted in total. Have Your Say. Click the Green Vote Button and select which policy should be should be used the existing or new policy. Please read them. The deadline for the vote is noon PST on Monday, December 10. https://apps.facebook.com/fbsitegovernance/

As Facecrooks.com have stated “As we’ve said before, this whole process is a charade and an exercise in futility. Facebook has rigged the system so that 30% of its members must participate for the vote to be binding, and that would virtually take a miracle to happen. As always, Facebook will be free to govern the site that best suits their interests.”


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