Punishing everyone, fixing nothing!

Sign the petition to tell the Government to work smart, not hard to beat online piracy.

The government wants to make internet service providers responsible for policing your downloads and wants to implement an industry-run internet filter.

This will make the internet more expensive for everyone. And it won’t stop piracy because it doesn’t address the unreasonably high cost of online content like TV shows, movies and books in Australia.


Aus. Liberal Party, Reconsider your plans for the NBN

Courtesy of Aus. Liberal Party, Reconsider your plans for the NBN Facebook Page.

Over the last couple of months the support for a FTTH NBN has been very strong.
So strong in fact we have people going to great lengths to break the spin and build an economic case for FTTH.
So far you guys have done the following:
– Organise meetings with your MPs;
– Ringing your MPs;
– Signing the petition;
– Donating money to launch a campaign;
– Setting up websites talking about FTTH;
– Excessive amount of barrage on Malcolm’s Facebook and Twitter pages; and
– Reading and commenting on articles about the NBN.

Your support has been phenomenal!

One of our good Facebook friends Harry has been one these people by making this site: http://isturnbulllegit.org/

If you want to go beyond being online and get on the street, message this page and we can secure our future.

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