iPhone Settings… My Number

So you have an iPhone and you have decided to change your number for whatever reason.

But when you call or SMS someone it still shows your old number, on the recipients calling number display.

Well there is a fix and you most likely have forgotten this little setting.

  1. Go to settings in your iPhone,
  2. Go all the way down to Phone.
  3. In there is a setting called My number. You most likely filled out this setting when you first got your iPhone.
  4. Now tap on the entry with your OLD number showing and enter in your new number.
  5. Your number will now display as it should.
  6. A reboot should not be needed.

If you call your mobile carrier for support, becauseĀ  you changed your number and it displays incorrectly. Most mobile technical support, wouldn’t even think of going to this setting.