Windows 10… Thoughts!

Well… here it is folks.

Windows 10 arrived and there have been many thoughts, on whether this version of Windows is any better then Windows 8.1.

I have to say from personal experience. I like Windows 10, it feels like a desktop operating system should feel. It still has the ability for tablet devices to use and have touch capability, but on the plus side I like it.

A few of my friends have had a few hiccups, not realising Windows Live would be replaced. So they can use the built-in email app. Just sign into the microsoft account and voila! Your email awaits.

However, if you have locally stored email, you will need to relocate mail folder usually stored here C:\Users\ logon \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail on Windows Vista & Windows 7.

Although I must admit I was quite shocked to see the control panel removed from the settings menu. The settings menu brings up a simpler way to cntrol your system. However control panel is still there alive and well. The overall feel of the new operating system, is quite good. runs smoothly. But it does take longer than Windows 7 to boot-up completely, before you can login.

All I can really say is this, BACKUP everything! Make sure you have updated your drivers and if there drivers ready for Windows 10, download them but don’t install them until after Windows Upgrade has been completed. Or if you’re tech savvy enough you can slipstream your drivers into the Windows 10 setup. I used NTLite, from the same person who brought you nLite and Vlite now we have the updated free for non-commercial use NTLite.

If you do upgrade to Windows 10 and you feel it’s not for you. Don’t despair, there is a way back to Windows 7. However this must be done within 30 days of upgrading. After that the change is permanent.  To roll back to Windows 7 follow these steps and you’ll soon be back in familar territory.

Go to SettingsUpdate & Security on the Left hand menu select Recovery.
On the right hand sideGo back to Windows 7 click the Get Started button and you will be guided back into Windows 7. It shouldn’t take too long, most system usually roll back within 10-20 mins depending on the speed of your desktop.

Enjoy and Good luck!