Anxiety and Depression disorder.

To look at me you wouldn’t know I suffer from Mental Illness. I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression disorder in 2007. Yes the stigma is always there and I’m no longer affraid, to talk about the big taboo.

I’ve been battling Anxiety and Depression for quite sometime. It wasn’t until my Doctor said to me, “Are you ok?”
I just broke down in his ofice a complete sobbing mess. Not knowing what was going on and we spent the next hour just going over things in my life, both personal and professional. This is why sometimes Doctors are not always on time, sometimes they reaslise, their patients need more support, then a 5 min appointment can allow.

If it wasn’t for my Family & Friends, this battle would be so much harder. I thank my family & friends for their understanding & MIND a great orgination for Mental Illness help, for their awesome encouraging people who visit me every fornight, just to touch base and have a chat and a coffee. These little things are the saving graces for people like myself.

There are days I have a dirty great “big black dog“, laying on my bed and I have that sensation of giving up and attitude of couldn’t be bothered (yes I kept it clean). You know the one, CBF.

So if you know someone in your family or friends, who you consider family and they are battling with Mental Illness. Just be there for them, ask them “are they okay?”

It’s Genuine communication, that helps us all understand Mental Illness, that much better. It’s time to end the STIGMA, of Mental Illness and time to TALK!