Equality for Australia

This was posted on the Greens Page on Facebook

John Chambers Completely Irresponsible view point from the greens indeed. No thought whatsoever for the poor children who’ll be dragged into this situation through addoption, no thought for the next generation.
If the media continues is biased propaganda comapaign and ends up convincing the majority of Australians homosexual marriage is acceptable, this will then open the doors for the next stage in the slippery slope (which mind you is already being discussed by the ‘experts’) and that will filter down through to us no doubt. The next stages in the campaigns will kick off probably the way the homosexual one did, starting with good public relations, a few incest couples on sitcoms, a couple of celebritys being involved in it, media and politician endorsement etc. Then once we’ve all been softened up in 10 years or so, many of you will be it’s major defenders.
Wake up Australia.

My Response (not posted on Facebook.)

I have to say I am totally and utterly disgusted with the comment made by John Chambers, it is full of homophobic rhetoric propaganda and gaybashing which I like to call hate speech. The things this person fails to realise is this. Everything he’s said has already happened for the heterosexual community, just look at the stupid show on TV “Married at First Sight“.

As for adoption how dare you drag children into this, most adopted children are adopted because they come from broken homes, where their parents are unable to look after them. So you’re saying homosexual men and women can’t love a child and make them paramount?

As for incest sitcoms, you have been drinking too much coolade! So if you don’t like it move. I hear Canada is nice! Oh but wait, they already have marriage equality and have had since July 20, 2005. WAKE up to yourself John Chambers, you’re living in the 21st Century not in the Dark Ages of the Templars.