Dear Bear411

I’ve been a member for sometime and only recently stopped my paid subscription. But Why can’t I login to change my profile? I login and I get the following:

To cover the site costs, chat is temporarily reserved to V.I.P. Priority Access members. Thank you for supporting the site.

I can understand the need to cut costs, but why aren’t you letting members login to change and update their profiles? Also you really NEED to have a help section with an email address so we can submit queries. Your lack of support is very disheartening.  With no way to communicate to the webmaster it seems only profits count for this company. Sad, very sad!

SEAL STATUS: Valid (Sep 19, 2011 to Sep 18, 2014)


What a load of crap. I’m on the Bear411 site and it actually says WARNING ! You Are Entering The #1 Bear Site! 100% Bear!
Meanwhile I can’t even change my profile, as the Webmaster has locked everything down unless you’re a priorty member. You can’t even login to change your profile. Biggest load of crap, I’ve ever come across, sure there are other things they could do to minimise expense. But to completely blanket lock out?! I know where I’ll be going and not coming back!