World of Warcraft – PvP

I have to say as someone who is just starting out in PvP. I am throughly disgusted, by the actions and language of fellow players. If you have someoone who you can see is a new level 90 and has low HP approx 300K. Don’t just call them n00b and tell them to fuck off.

How about giving some positive feedback. You may be a die hard, “hardcore” PvP proponent. But you need to remember one thing sunshine. You too once upon a time, were a n00b yourself.

So perhaps stop with the name calling and the drivvle coming out your mouths. I’m surprised you even talk to your mothers with those mouths. If I had done half what you so called PvP “hardcore” n00bs were doing. I’d have my mouth washed out with soap.

It’s just a shame that if you  have chat tabs setup and you’re a in a PvP situation, you can’t even report the person for language. I mean some of this stuff that came out of their mouth, was just NOT fit for human consumption.

So I think fellow players such as Fezziwig-Darkspear, need to re-think their habits in game!