Website Support…

Wow I’ve never encountered this much trash in my born days from trying to seek support from a web site. I got this ‘auto-reply‘ in email after submitting question in the support section. How much of a WOFTAM, do you have to be, to use a system like this?

I've been running the site for a number of years now and it's my experience that many problems and questions that are asked are often covered in the help section. So *please* check the help section thoroughly one more time, thanks - that will allow me to faster address problems/questions that aren't covered and it will also free up time for me to make improvements on the site :-)
If you haven't been able to find the answer and resolve the problem after 4 hours after receiving this email then please click the following link to finalize and activate the support request (or copy/paste the link into your browser):
 Take care,