Facebook asked me. “what’s on my mind”?

Facebook asked me. “what’s on my mind”? Well… Let me tell you what’s on my mind.I have never been treated with so much contempt or disdain in my entire life. I had made arrangements on Monday with Keith Williams Real Estate Morwell office “Lydell”. Who had said the property I was asking about, was still available and would be open for inspection on Wednesday at 3:30pm.

I made sure to read these details back to her and she confirmed with a very profound YES! That was all well and good, then I arrived at property today at 3:30pm. The person who was supposed to show me through, had just pulled away and driven off. I called the Office and spoke with the most, rude, arrogant & condescending piece of trash, I’ve ever had the displeasure of speaking with. She advised the inspection for 3:20pm not 3:30pm and I had told this person, I had spoken to someone at the office and was assured 3:30pm. She then begins to say, well either way it was 3:20pm so the agent has just left and is not going back.

So I say to you, if I was a person looking to sell my property and I was greeted with this person, I can tell you now, they would have lost the sale and the commission along with it! So Keith Williams Real Estate Morwell. You have just lost one of the best tenants, you could have possibly had.

Hope you have an extra special day!

Anthony R. Pitts feeling pissed off