Vote NO to Canberra’s Power grab.

Hey Australia,

On election date 2013 Australians will be asked to vote in a referendum to change our Constitution. Canberra politicians and bureaucrats want to sneak through a change to our Constitution to give them more control of our local communities.

Even minor changes to the Constitution that holds Canberra politicians and bureaucrats to account, can have radical consequences.

As former Prime Minister, John Howard, said “even a casual reference to local government in the Constitution would end up having legal implications far beyond what might be advocated by the proponents of such a change”.

The referendum is not necessary. There is nothing stopping Canberra providing funding to local government through the States, unless they want to avoid accountability.

This Canberra power grab has been rejected at referendums by the overwhelming majority of Australians during the Whitlam and Hawke governments. It has been rejected twice.

Show your support.