Zone Touch Mouse T400

Hey Folks, if you’re like me and have bought a Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400. You’re middle clicking as you would normally, only one small problem. Your middle click opens the Windows Start Menu. Even though I have that option Unchecked, it still wants to do it. So I logged a support ticket with Logitech. Here’s what I have found from them.

Follow the steps below to disable indexing of .xml files so that your SetPoint software will save your settings on the middle button.

1.Click Start > Control Panel.

2.Find and click on “Indexing Options”.

3.Click on the Advanced button.

4.Click on the “File Types” tab and scroll down to the xml extension.

5.Uncheck the box next to xml extension then click OK.

6.Restart the computer for the changes to take effect. After rebooting, use SetPoint 6.x to customize settings as usual and the settings will stay.

SUCCESS! I now have my middle click where it should be.
Hope this helps, anyone who has or had the same issues as I did.