Samsung Galaxy SII (ROOT)

Hey Android Folks,
Well… I have to say I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy SII now for, about 6 months and I’m almost ready throw it into the middle of next week. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy SII 16GB model. But more recently it keeps freezing & the only thing to fix it, is a battery pull. Not even holding the power button for 10 seconds worked.

So I’ve been looking at “other” options. So I bit the bullet, rooted my device and installed MIUI, the latest update is MIUI 3.4.26. I’ve only just installed it. But it looks promising. Let’s see how long it takes before I have to pull the battery.

But for those of you running ICS 4.0.4 & you’re looking at rooting your device so you can use a better looking, more stable Android. Then take a peak here this page explained everything I needed & I didn’t even need to use Odin to root my device.

It was just so easy to follow and easy to do! I’ll post back in a week or so, when I see just how stable MIUI v5 is on the Samsung Galaxy SII.

After using MIUI for a couple of days it became apparent, yes it looks nice. But I lost my MMS. Not even entering the APN manually did anything. So along comes CyanogenMod CM10.1. Let’s see how it goes.