Trillian 2.0 for iOS: Now with iPad support!, But No Android with Tablet support?!

Yet another IM without Tablet support or made for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwhich (ICS). Trillian for Android: Updates! (1.2 Build 3) certainly is a far cry from Trillian 2.0 for iOS: Now with iPad support! How about focusing on Android for a change and give us users on the Android platform, a New UI & Tablet support!

When will this happen? Who knows as the Developers at Cerulean Studios, are not updating the blogs. Last blog update for Android was made on March 20th, 2012. To announce the updated version of Trillian for Android: Updates! (1.2 Build 3), which is crash happy and NOT designed for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich (ICS).

A user posted on the support knowledge base the following:

Trillian for Android 4.0?
Are there any plans to update Trillian for Android with a UI that utilizes the new Holo theme of Android 4.0? The current version of Trillian feels outdated and archaic compared to other apps like Palringo that are taking advantage of the new styles.

The reply they got was less than stellar and totally non-committal.

We do hope to have an updated version of Trillian for Android soon. Keep an eye on the developers blog for information as it becomes available.  -Don

What absolute load of rubbish, as a paid subscriber of Trillian IM, I would expect to get what I’m paying for and I’m not! I’m getting a sub standard, archaic Uusr IM experience. Which is still sending links in place of the actual file request for File Sends. I send a picture to someone and they receive a link to retrieve the image. Now as we all know in this day and age of cyber security. You don’t click on links in IM windows! Get with the program Cerulean Studios! We are in the 21st Century and you’re still using technology from 1995.