Microsoft e-mail

As you may or may not know Microsoft is currently in the process of releasing e-mail, this is to replace aging old HoTMaiL service aka Windows Live Mail. This service has a new interface, akin to  Windows 8 Metro UI.

However for mobile users it’s not so big a deal, you’re using an Android or iDevice or any smart phone with access to your email through Exchange ActiveSync to connect to HoTMaiL. Once you go to, you have the choice to get a new email address, ending with or you can keep your existing address.

Now the fun part connecting your Android or iDevice or any smart phone with Exchange ActiveSync, once you have gone through and changed your email to use for those of you who don’t change your email, this really won’t affect you in any way.

So you open your email app of choice on your device and setup a new account, you enter your details as you would normally.

First Name Last Name: John Citizen
email address:
Server setting:

Yes we use the mobile hotmail settings, as it is still connecting to the hotmail servers. I was a tad confused at first too, I was trying to setup using Then realised hang about, it’s just hotmail with a name change.

Do the usual ok & apply!. Then TaDa! you have your email pushing & syncing to your device.