Mozilla Firefox for Android Tablets

What an absolute load of horse crap. First the Google Play store says it’s not compatible with my device. Mozilla say the new version is for phones only and also have a link to leave feedback. 

However the link redirects you to another page, which says in no uncertain terms,  to leave feedback you need to install the beta. Now here comes the kick in the pants, it’s not compatible for my device. I’m using an Acer Iconia Tab A200. Not old by any means.

So a message to Mozilla,  if you want people to leave feedback best you find another way. I wanted to install Firefox onto my tablet as I have used the desktop version since version 1.0. However after this cluster frak of a debacle, I’m going to start looking for a new browser, for both my desktop(s), notebook(s), mobile & tablet.

Way to lose consumers, tell them to install something they can’t due to your own inability to make a version available for tablets.