SciFi TV

WOW what a load of the biggest crap I have ever come across in my life. First they get you become a fan of the SciFi network then they offer competitions. Cool!

But e big let down is this in the terms & conditions of entry.

Subject to the other provisions of this condition, entry is open only to a person who, at the time of entering:
Has a valid subscription to a television service licensed to carry SCI FI or is a friend or relative of a Subscriber living in the same household as a Subscriber who is authorised by that Subscriber, in accordance with these conditions, to enter the Competition.
A Subscriber who authorises an Associate to enter the Competition, may not enter the Competition themselves. A Subscriber: (a) may only authorise a maximum of one Associate to enter the Competition; and (b) may not authorise an Associate to enter the Competition after the Subscriber has entered.
Subject to the other conditions: (i) a maximum of one entry will be accepted per household; and (ii) no more than one entry will be accepted that states the same e-mail address for the entrant.

So if you’re not a subscriber of SciFi (SyFy) you can pretty much forget about entering competitions with them. Which has to be the biggest load of crap.
Hmm SyFy I think you’re going to lose a few people from your email list!