Australia Victoria – Nurses Walk out!

HUNDREDS of Victorian nurses risk fines if they defy an order from the industrial umpire and walk 
off the job tomorrow. Well... what can I say but this. They did it anyway and now any nurses that
have participated in this industrial action by walking off the job, are putting patient care at

These Nurses are doing exactly what they are protesting against! Patient care! You walk off the
job, you don't don't deserve to have it! You walk off the job, you deserve to be fined & gaoled
for your defiance of a Federal Work Order. Nurses those of you who have participated in these
work stop actions.I have now LOST ALL respect for you & your cause.

There is a way to protest without risking the lives of patients, we have patients here in Victoria
needing cancer treatment & other medical procedures & because of your SELFISH actions, these
patients have been told to go home.

I say if you can afford to strike, you obvisouly don't need the money to work. Give these Jobs
to others who are capable and willing to do the work!