Grindr iOS

You have to wonder at the depths some people with “alleged” power will go to. Take Grindr for instance. I had nothing sexual in my profile. A brief description of me & what I want. Next thing you Grindr have moderated my text in my profile & continue to do so.

Why you may ask? Because they hold all the power & can ban you & your device without batting an eyelid.

So I think it’s about time other app developers for iOS & Android tell these stupid app stores & markets to politely go screw themselves.

As for iOS I believe the courts should MAKE them install a toggle for others like me to use non app store apps. Afterall if jail breaking isn’t a crime. Then Apple has nothing to hide. They might lose some money for not getting apps in the app store but that’s their own fault for making the rules so ridiculously stupid.

In the meantime if Grindr deletes my txt or removes my profile you can all read this & go WTF!