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Flexible Learning with Mobile Devices

Bring your own device (BYOD) is the latest catchphrase to be bandied around schools and education conferences the world over. Coupled with the rise of portable devices like the iPad, we find ourselves in exciting times.

When thinking about BYOD for my own school, I constantly come back to the iPad over any other mobile device – smartphone, iPod touch, laptop, tablet pc, netbook, eReader.


  • Relatively speaking, the cost of an iPad is cheap, or at least on a par, with devices of similar performance (yes, netbooks are usually cheaper, but they don’t perform on the same level)
  • The variety of software (apps) available is astonishing (compare the number and range of apps available on the App Store with Android’s Market Place)
  • The minimal cost of apps is not going to be a barrier or induce a ‘have vs. have nots’ situation
  • The iPad’s battery life versus that of…

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