Improve Manhunt in your area – earn $75!

This is the email I received from Mahunt


We’re making improvements to Manhunt each and every day, and we’d like your feedback on some ideas we’ve been working on here at the office.

Manhunt is currently seeking panel members who may qualify to participate in an online focus group on one evening the week of August 29th. If you qualify, you may be selected and invited to attend a 90-minute online discussion. Members who complete this session will have their choice of $75 (via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card) or a one year Manhunt membership (valued at USD$124).

An independent research company has prepared a brief online screening questionnaire that will determine if you qualify for the group discussion. The screening questionnaire will take less than 5 minutes to complete online. If you do qualify, we will send you another message within the next several days with additional instructions for participating in the online discussion. We will be accepting submissions through Friday, August 26th.

The focus group session is online and interactive; you’ll be able to see the comments of other panel members, and by sharing your thoughts and opinions you’ll be able to help us make Manhunt even better!

Well… what can I say Manhunt are going to screw us over specially if you live in the rural areas of Australia. Obviously what you think doesn’t count!  Yet the email above suggests that anyone could do the survey to Improve Manhunt in your area.  However this is a misgiving specially for those in rural communities of Australia. This was evident from a prescreening questionaire for a survery that manhunt is doing, to provide allegedly better resources for manhunt. But as soon as you enter your state, and tell them you’re from a rural area it’s the big kisss off. “Thank you for your time Unfortunately you do not qualify for participation in this particular study.”

Needless to say it just goes to show that if you’re a rural member and paying subscriber you best speak up now, as it really sounds like they only want to hear from those in Major Cities. So if you live in a small rural town it looks like you’re not mean to use Manhunt! Specially in the eyes of the “independent research company who has prepared a brief online screening questionnaire that will determine if you qualify for the group discussion”

I would of thought ALL mahunt members would qualify for this discussion as afterall they are MEMBERS!

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