IM Chat

Well… here we are again!

his time I had logged a support with s when using Linux I’m unable to start or connection to an IM Chat session.

This the final reply I got after my first initial support ticket request and 2 followup replies:

Thank you for contacting Manhunt Customer Support, Ike here at your service. I checked you account IM and it works on my end, I am using a Win machine with Firefox 3.6. We suspect that problem you are experience is due to you OS. We are not fully compatible with any version of Linux. Please let us know if you require any further assistance, it would be our pleasure to be of service.

So I was thinking to myself ok update Adobe Flash yet again which I have since done, Restarted the browser and then I get the reply above.

I’m thinking these so-called companies who use & I quote

The Manhunt IM system uses the latest technology to provide you with a great experience. If you’re unable to make a chat connection we recommend you do the following: Upgrade your Adobe Flash to version 10 or the latest version available. Please visit the Adobe Flash webpage to ensure you have the latest version installed: Click on Agree and Install Now and follow the instructions on-screen. It’s best to update your Flash plug-in in the current browser you are using. After updating, we recommend restarting your computer for changes to take effect.Note: During the installation process, your system may try to download other software or toolbars. Please ensure that you don’t install any of them as they’ll interfere with the functionality of MANHUNT

So if they use the latest technology to provide you with a great experience.  Then why are they still using Firefox 3.6 to say yeah it all works our end, but if you’re a linux user you may as well be a lepper!

I’m a supporter of the site so therefore my money goes into these so called technologies they’re using. But where are the goods? They update the site with flashy bells and whistles and make UI improvements. But how about getting away from Flash based systems and start using the latest technologies at your disposal HTML5

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