Mozilla Firefox Browser Mac OS X (PPC)

Well… Mozilla have finally released Firefox 4.0 for Windows, Mac & Linux.

It appears that Mozilla are trying to lose followers as they have failed to make this browser into a universal binary for Mac OS X users.  Firefox 4.0 for Mac OS X requires minimum 10.5 for 32Bit and 10.6 for 64Bit systems. So it looks like most of us who still use PPC architecture will be left behind as more & more of the Mac OS X community are not coding universal binaries. They are coding primarily for Intel technology.

Update: Well it seems Mozilla are leaving us behind, but the firefox community at large are still with us. If you use a PPC Mac and you want to update to Firefox 4 which is now Firefox 5. I suggest giving a look at. You’ll get all the enhancements the Intel Mac users are getting right now!

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