Purported ‘iPhone 5’ cases show design near-identical to Apple’s iPhone 4

Purported ‘iPhone 5’ cases show design near-identical to Apple’s iPhone 4 http://bit.ly/gQSdyA

That’s what the headline read on http://www.windows7newsinfo.com posted by Javajolt an Administrator of the forum.

Well first of all let’s talk iPhone. Yes they were one of the best devices known to man when they were first introduced and when the 3G version came to Australia, yes Australians rejoiced as they finally had the same level of technology, as others had enjoyed for sometime. But why would anyone by a device that is “locked”, when you purchase it. Plus is also locked down so you can only install apps approved by Apple via the App Store.

Well my friends this is why “jailbreaking” was invented. I don’t let anyone, not even  a mobile, computer, operating system, manufacturer. To tell me what I can or cannot install on my iPhone. Yes I actually have one I know very sad. But Come October 2011, I will be looking for a new phone and new carrier.

I want something smart looking, something with the grunt to actually handle the tasks at hand and something that handles multi-tasking natively! True Multi-tasking! Not this virtual multi-tasking crap that Apple have given us. Cause when you change apps to go from mail to say Grindr or Scruff, there is no multi-tasking. The apps close and you need to sign back in, they should stay open in the background, so when you change back to the app of your choice it will be still running and not need to re-login.. So when will Apple offer native true multi-tasking

So what will I be getting? All I can say for now, is it will be an Android Device!

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