Windows XP, WMP11 Adding *.MP4 to Library, Streaming to PS3.

I’d like to thank for his Blog on XBox360, Vista Media Player 11, MP4 video streaming,
here =>

I did what it said followed it through and all worked great! I could see thumbnail etc… But I was still unable to add files to my library in WMP11. So another search was done and I found another article

I followed the instructions which enabled me to clear the database from WMP11 as it was not letting me add files to my WMP11 Library. I rebooted and presto!

I now have Windows XP SP3 with WMP11 Media Sharing Enabled & Streaming to my PS3.

3 thoughts on “Windows XP, WMP11 Adding *.MP4 to Library, Streaming to PS3.

  1. I am using Win7 and WMP12 and had the same problem. Adding MP4’s to the library for streaming to my bluray player. There is a very very simple fix that I tried and it worked. All you have to do is change the extension of the file to .mpg or something else. For example, change ‘starwars.mp4’ to ‘starwars.mpg’ and it recognizes it and streams it like normal. That’s it! As long as you can play the file originally, correct codecs, etc. it should work.

  2. Thanks Anonymous, but this post is nothing to do with Trans-coding media, to play with Windows Media Player.
    It’s how to get *.mp4 files to show and play using Windows XP, with Windows Media Player as the Media Server.

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