Hey folks I’m Anthony, aka Zanuf. I chose the name Zanuf from one of my favourite TV Shows Stargate SG-1. Zanuf was a Tok’ra symbiote selected to take Ba’al‘s place in the body of the Orici, Adria, thus possessing her secrets and abilities.

Something I’d like to do to a few other people myself *jokes*. I’m a GWM, Sci-Fi, Techno, Gamer Geek. Match Maker. Who loves to chat, watch movies, loves his PS3 and play World of Warcraft or Diablo 3 (PS3).

I’m an Information Technology Specialist, Administrative Assisstant in (VET) Vocational Education & Training sector,studied B.Arts (Psych.). Live in Morwell, Victoria, born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Yes I’m an Aussie 😉

I’m a 40something single, gay, unmarried man and plan to stay that way. At least until the Australian Government, actually lets (GLBTI) Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex relationships to marry.

Please if you choose to comment on some of my posts please post in English.
This is an English speaking blog. Please write your comments in English & direct to English written pages. Thank you.

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